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Powell Peralta Bucky Lasek, instagram "RAFFLE"

Posted by Sebastián Pérez on
Powell Peralta Bucky Lasek, instagram "RAFFLE"
Tras el retorno de Bucky Lasek a Powell Peralta, ya están disponibles en nuestro almacén 3 unidades de esta esperada tabla, con tantísima demanda que solamente se podrá comprar tras ganar el "raffle" sorteo.
Para participar deberás cumplir las siguientes reglas:
2- Registrate en
3- Comparte esta foto en tu muro etiqueta a #furtivoskateboarding y @  5 amigos
4- El sorteo se realizara el Domingo a las 21:00 con el programa para sorteos CommentPicker .
Una vez seleccionados los 3 ganadores recibirán en su correo un link para finalizar la compra, el pago se debe de realizar dentro de las 24 horas de recibir el mail, si a las 24 horas no se ha finalizado el pago, se volverán a sortear entre el resto de participantes.
After the return of Bucky Lasek to Powell Peralta, 3 units of this long-awaited deck are already available in our warehouse, with so much demand that it can only be purchased after winning the raffle draw. To participate you must comply with the following rules:
3- Share this photo on your wall and tag  #furtivoskateboarding and @ 5 friends
4- The raffle will be held on Sunday at 9:00 p.m. with the CommentPicker raffle program.
Once the 3 winners have been selected, they will receive in their email a link to finalize the purchase, the payment must be made within 24 hours of receiving the email, you must select shipping option to your country, shipping is not included outside Spain or Portugal, if the payment has not been completed within 24 hours, they will be raffled again between the rest of the participants.


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