Thrasher Magazine ya disponible

Thrasher Magazine ya disponible

THRASHER' es "la biblia" o lo que es lo mismo, la revista más importante de skateboarding.
Fundada en 1981 por Kevin Thatcher y Fausto Vitello .
En Furtivo Skateboarding seleccionamos los clásicos basicos de ropa y accesorios Thrasher Magazine.
Thrasher Magazine es mucho más que una revista o una marca, Thrasher es un simbolo.


THRASHER 'is "the bible" or what is the same, the most important magazine of skateboarding. Founded in 1981 by Kevin Thatcher and Faust Vitello.
At Furtivo Skateboarding we made a selection of the basics, clothing and accessories from Thrasher Magazine. Thrasher Magazine is much more than a magazine or a brand, Thrasher is a symbol.

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