Bearings Bones They are famous for their quality and design. From affordable Bones Reds to Swiss Bones, Bones Bearings has a great selection based on your needs. Bones is a skateboard bearing company started by George Powell in the early 80's. Since then, they have revolutionized the skateboard bearing market becoming one of the top brands selected by many pro skaters. Bones Bearings are part of the conglomerate of brands SkateOne, of which brands such as Powell Peralta, Bones Wheels are also part.

Bones bearings are famous for their quality and design. From the affordable Bones Reds to the Swiss Bones, Bones Bearings brings a huge selection depending on your personal needs. Bones is a skateboarding bearings company founded by George Powell at the beginning of the 80's. Since then, they have endorsed a revolution in the skate bearing market becoming on of the best brands selected by a wide range of professional skateboarders. Bones Bearings, are a part of the brand conglomerate SkateOne, which also belong to brands as Powell Peralta and Bones Wheels.

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