H-Street was founded around 1986, by professional skater Tony mag and Mike ternasky. The two teamed up with the professional skater Dave Andrecht to form the first skateboard company run by skateboarders.

The basic idea of T-Mags was that skateboard companies should be run by skaters, not businessmen, and that skateboarding should be a source of free and individual expression. The fact that most cities in the United States have an actual H street somewhere, became an idea of each city. H-Street is inclusive, not exclusive.

Inspired by the success of Powell In making Skateboard videos, but limited to the budget of a real skater, T-Mag and Mike theorized that a skating video could be made with a camera Vhs cheap and edit on your keyboard on a VCR. Since this was the basic home video equipment available in the early 80, the two ventured into uncharted waters. Knowing that it was more important to have skaters demonstrating innovation and style for the sport than a big budget, they invested in skaters who would become some of the best in the world. Danny Hack, Matt Hensley, Mike Carrol, The Godoy brothers, Sal Barbier and Eric Koston just to name a few.

The team started with John schultes by Del Mar and John sonner from Vista. Soon added Ron Allen, who was originally friends with Mike from Nor Cal. A summer later, the video Shackle me not was born and would change the way skateboarding videos were made from then on. A year later, the Louisiana swamp rat, Salt Barbier, was added to the team, along with Alphonzo rawls and other leading skaters of the time, and became Hokus pokus. Together, Hokus Pokus and Shackle Me Not would take the skateboarding world by storm; The videos became some of the most viewed skateboarding videos of all time. H-Street would eventually produce five main videos, with skaters as notable as Eric Koston, Mike Carrol, Jason Rogers, Colby Carter, Chad Vogt and many other professionals of the era.

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