Heroin Skateboards


It originally started its humble beginnings in the UK, Mark 'Fos' Foster conceptualized Heroin Skateboards almost ago 20 years in 1998. Born of a punk mentality Since the purity of the skateboard was what mattered, Heroin sought to differentiate itself from the leading brands of the time. putting emphasis on relatable skating. What mattered was individuality, skating whatever you could find with your friends, and the fun and wacky stunts that would follow. Heroin's previous video releases like 'Live From Antartica' (2005) and 'Magic Sticky Hand' (2006) they were tangible, they felt like you were seeing your peers rather than something unattainable. In 2011, Heroin moved distribution to the US, where it burst onto the US market as something new and refreshing. Sponsoring an international team while staying true to its UK roots, Heroin's appeal has gone global. In recent years, the company launched 'Video Nasty' (2013) and 'Bath Salts' (2015) showing the scattered team. Despite his change and growth, Heroin has maintained his punk, rock and roll image, still struggling to shed light on the alternative underdog.

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