Independent Trucks

Independent Trucks It was co-founded by Fausto Vitello (also creator of the prestigious Thrasher Magazine) and by the NHS group, which also owns the world leader in the manufacture of wheels such as Ricta, Oj2 and other companies at the level of Santa Cruz Skateboards. The first model that Independent made was the Stage 1 and he did it on May 23, 1978, in Newark, California. According to its designer, Rick Blackhart, the axle was designed, in part, because of the lack of authentic quality axles on the market. "One of them went bankrupt, and the other did not do more"Blackhart said, referring to Bennett Truks and Tracker Trucks, respectively. The only axle manufacturers at the time before the Independent's arrival.

Since then, the Californian company has been manufacturing axles for skateboards for more than 25 years, leading this sector around the world, made in the USA "Built to grind".

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