In 1988, Pro Skateboarders Steve Rocco and Rodney Mullen felt the industry change, and they left Sims and Powell respectively to found World Industries. The two walked through the Prime gates soon after, and worked closely with Phil Tuccinardi to perfect modern Skateboarding to this day, Phil talks about the countless hours Rodney spent shaping and perfecting things at the Prime factory to make skateboards from first quality. It was during this time that Prime began making skateboards for almost the entire industry, and had a production roster that included brands such as World, Blind, Plan B, 101, Shorty's, Birdhouse,Hookups, Baker to name just one part. Prime Wood at its peak had 220 employees, produced 2.4 million scooters a year, and was running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
Phil, Louie and Lorrie retired in 2008 and sold the Prime business to skateboarder and musician Scott Holloway. Since then, Scott has moved production facilities from the US to South Pasadena in Los Angeles County. Today, each and every Prime employee is also passionate about skateboarding, ensuring that their products are made by people who truly care about the quality of our products.
At Prime they draw on their love of skateboarding and believe that their dedication is reflected in every skateboard product produced at Prime Wood. They proudly manufacture a full range of products, including quality 100% handcrafted skateboards, made by skaters in Los Angeles.

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